The Progress Principle

Teresa Amabile

Creativity, Productivity, and the Psychology of Everyday Work Life

Work Diaries

Throughout history, diaries have been a valuable tool to capture the events and moods of people and the world they live in. In our research, they have given us a unique look into people’s “inner work lives.” We share some of those diaries with you in our blog. On this page we feature a series of "live diaries" from people other than those who participated in our research for The Progress Principle. If you wish to try keeping a work diary yourself, we encourage you to do so, using "Your Diary Toolkit" as a starting point. We would also love for you to "Share Your Experiences" with us, by submitting diary entries. Please tell us about your best and worst days at work, and we will periodically feature one on our blog to share with the community. 

To read more about journaling and your job, take a look at our HBR blog post on the subject.

Live Diaries

What makes for a best day at work? Our "Live Diaries" are brief videos where people talk about their best days at work. These live diaries illustrate some of the main points in The Progress Principle – the importance of making progress in and succeeding at meaningful work, being recognized for that success, and working with people who eagerly build on, shape, and implement your new ideas. 

Live Diary: Victoria Bellotti

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